Audience award ,SZ Festival Weilheim 2018, Germany
(The PikaPau Show)


      Best show at Pinneberger Kleinkunstfestival 2012, Germany (Show Almost Impossible)


      Second Prize at Strassenfiffi 2012, Germany                         (Show Almost Impossible)

Performing History

2018- The PikaPau Show

Bamberg Zaubert - Germany
Berlin Lacht Alexanderplatz - Germany
Berlin Lacht Washintonplatz - Germany
L'Arlequi, Mollet des Valles – Spain
Weilheim Zaubert Festival, Germany
Mindelact, Cape Verde

2017- The PikaPau,  Show

Mindelact - Cabo Verde

Motin - Cabo Verde

Bamberg Zaubert - Germany

Berlin Lacht Alexanderplatz - Germany

Berlin Lacht Washintonplatz - Germany

2016- The PikaPau,  Show

Feldkirch Festival - Austria

Berlin Lacht Festival - Germany

2016-2017 - Dakiapoku Show, for resorts and hotels.

2013-2015- Sunset Circus, show for resorts and hotels.

Resort Melia Dunas (Cabo Verde)

Resort Melia Tortuga (Cabo Verde)

Resort Melia Llana (Cabo Verde)

Resort RIU Funaná (Cabo Verde)

Hotel Criola (Cabo Verde)
Hotel Morabeza (Cabo Verde)

Hotel Farol (Cabo Verde)

2008-2012 – Almost Impossible, street show for festivals.

Mindelact , Cabo Verde (2015)
Fantastival, Holland (2012)
Gütersloher Straßenfiffi, Germany (2012) Sentosa Buskers, Singapur (2012)
International Buskers, KualaLumpur,Malaysia (2012) Pflasterspektakel, Linz (2012)
Festimome, France (2012)
Teatrpadova street festival, ,Russia (2012) Butt and better, Berlin,Germany (2012)
Greenzenlos, Augsburg,Germany (2012) Kleinkunstfestival,Pinneberg,Germany (2012) CirkulArt, Slovakia (2012)
Buitenkans, Holland (2012)
Postdan Fest,Germany(2011)
Mercantia, Italy (2011)
Ferrara Buskers, Italy (2011)
Vino Roso,Ancona,Italy(2011)
BerlinLacht, AlexanderPlatz-Germany (2010/11/12)
BerlinLacht,Mariannenplatz-Germany (2010/11/12) Kürbis Fest, Germany (2010)
Brückenfest, Germany (2010) Altergrawitacja, Torun, Poland (2010/11)
Teatre Santa Eugenia, Mallorca, Spain (2010)
Festival d'Avignon off, France (2010)
Fiesta Medieval de Cap de Pera, Mallorca, Spain (2010)
Fiestas del Pilar, Zaragoza, Spain (2009)
Aurillac Théâtre de Rue, France (2009) Elx al Carrer, Spain(2009) las Culturas Circo de la Vida, Mallorca, Spain (2009) Mystic Freak Show Tito's, Mallorca, Spain (2009)
Fiesta Medieval de Cap de Pera, Mallorca, Spain (2009) les arts al Carrer Capdepera, Mallorca, Spain (2009)
Fira Tarrega, Spain (2008/09/11)



Who is PikaPau?

The Pikapau history in world of performing begins at 13 years old in southern Brazil when he meet his best friend Mantega. With the beginning of this friendship also begins the search for discovering the world and make people laugh.

   A few years later with the discovery of juggling is the first tool to express himself and explore the world. Along that journey brings to his luggage acrobatics, physical theater, illusionism and the passion for comedy.

   In 2008 creates with Mantega  the company "Anonymous Brothers" who with his first street show, "Almost Impossible" participated in many festivals around the world winning two awards at festivals in Europe. In over 10 years working in duo many acts have been created, among them also this little act "the new good old times" and last creation, the stage show,"sunset circus".

   In the beginning of 2016 , lost in his paradise, a small island in the coast of Africa. He found the perfect place to start to work on his first solo show ¨NoBai¨, that already performed in Africa and festivals in Europe.


Portuguese, English, Spanish,Cape Verde Creole